Run Melbourne x pace-runners 2017

Runner’s World Pace Runners

The Runner’s World Pace Runners are available to help you reach your goals at Run Melbourne this year in the 6K, 10K and Half Marathon events.

The Runner’s World Pace Runners are experienced runners who will aim to maintain an even pace throughout the entire race with the goal to have you finishing slightly faster (30 seconds or so) than the relevant target time. Each pace group will have two pace runners.

For visibility, the pace runners will be holding a coloured balloon and goal time sign high amongst the starting runners. Each pace runner will also wear an identifiable t-shirt with the goal time marked on a special bib.

Please take particular note of which start zone the pacers will be starting in. Each pacer will start in the appropriate wave for their pace. If you are aiming for a particular time please make sure the start zone you enter reflects this so you can line up close to your pace runner.


Start Zones are designed to ensure that everyone gets a smooth start at the beginning of the race, so faster runners are not caught up behind slower runners.

Our Pace Runners

For each of the listed paces there will generally be two pacers. One pacer will sit at the front of the pace group and make sure they make the time by around 30-60 sec.

The other pacer is there to remain with people they are running with and motivate them to keep working at the pace that is needed to make the time.

How to join a Pace Group

No registration is required. To collect your free Runners World pace wristband, please visit the following locations:

  • Up until Friday 28th July: Pick up yours from Sole Motive (170 Queen St).
  • Saturday 29th July: From the Information Marquee located near the Main Stage (Federation Square).

Sunday 30th July: From the Information Marquee located near the Main Stage (Federation Square) or Information Marquee near the start of the 6K and 10K events.