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We’re celebrating runners like you everyday. We’d love to hear your Run Melbourne story, or a story of someone you know who’s participated or been involved in Run Melbourne before.

You may have run, been a volunteer, walked the 5k, raised money for your favourite charity, or come along to cheer on a loved one.

This year, we’re celebrating 10 year’s of Run Melbourne –thousands of runners, so many kilometers run, and over $10million raised for over 400 charities.

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Cassie Butler, Black Rock, VIC:
I hope to help and inspire others who have been on similar journeys. My story begins in 2009 when a traumatic experience triggered the onset of an illness known as Fibromyalgia. The past six years has been a series of ups and downs and exercise plays a large part in my recovery. By finishing the Run Melbourne Event (10km) on Sunday 24th July I wanted to prove that despite my illness I was still able to finish the race. My goal is to bring awareness of Fibromyalgia – Run Melbourne is more than just a fun run. I had a great time and highly recommend this event in the future.

More Runners of Melbourne stories:

Glenn J B Eagle, Eagle Point, VIC:
I’ve completed Run Melbourne four times and I’m looking forward to my fifth Run Melbourne this year. I love the atmosphere and to celebrate with the like-minded athletes who are running for their special cause. I’m hoping to conquer Run Melbourne again this year with a 5K PB believing there is always room for improvement.




Sharon McGowan, Melbourne, VIC:
I was inspired by my Uncle Aidan, a man of courage and heart who persevered for 16 years following a major stroke. My uncle’s life was changed forever by stroke just like the many thousands in our community who have suffered a stroke this year. As CEO of the Stroke Foundation, I ran alongside our passionate supporters – many of them stroke survivors. I know we can beat stroke, which is why I will be Run Melbourne again this year.

Oliver Worthington, St.Kilda, VIC:
Saturday 14th June 2014 I started an exercise streak. 956 days on I am STILL exercising every day. This year, I am going to cross over into 1000 days straight and 3 years straight. I like to inspire others to start running so I have committed to running a marathon in 2017, Run Melbourne will play a huge part in that preparation. I will be targeting the half marathon at Run Melbourne.



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  • You ran with a team – Together as one, you conquered   Run Melbourne. You may have dressed up, had fun, or raised money for your favourite charity.
  • Anything – weird and wonderful. Did your whole family run together one year? Did you complete the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon all in one day?

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