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We know that Run Melbourne will challenge you in new ways that you may never have dreamt possible before. We also know that your challenge needs to be fun. So we’re here to help you make your Run Melbourne happen with inspiration, motivation, training tips and more!

Join the Run Melbourne Training Club – our Training Run Mentors & Pace Leaders have got your back with bucket loads of inspiration and running tips at our weekly training runs.

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Whether you’re a seasoned runner or taking your first steps towards fitness, Run Melbourne training sessions cater for runners of all abilities with runs split into groups according to distance and pace.

Sessions start on Tuesday 23 May and run for 10 weeks.
You can come along to one, two or all three sessions. All you need to bring with you is a great can-do attitude, be prepared to run strong, have fun and follow the Run Melbourne Training Club motto of never, ever leaving a runner behind!

Step 1: Choose your Training Club session (Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday)
Step 2:  Choose what distance you would like to run.

Step 3: Pick your pace group.

For weekly updates, inspiration, motivation and more – join our Training Club Facebook Group.


Run Melbourne Training Club Timetable

*SPEED IT UP Run Melbourne Coach: Tim Crosbie This session is geared towards runners who can run 8-10K or between 50-60 minutes non-stop. Your crew champion will help you gain your edge through this mix of speed and interval training.


Our Training Run Mentors and Training Club Pace Leaders are committed to providing you with a motivating group session through Melbourne’s city streets and the Tan.

All Run Melbourne Training Club sessions are FREE and all runners are welcome. The sessions cater for all levels of runners, from beginners to advanced runners. You don’t have to stick to the same pace each week. Start with a pace you are comfortable with and work from there.

Want weekly updates, training tips and more? Join our Training Club Facebook Group.

Tuesday & Thursday sessions - powered by Sole Motive


The course will change every three weeks.


This session the focus is more on an easy aerobic recovery run. The course will change every three weeks.


Bag Drop: After you sign in, you’ll receive a numbered arm band – one to attach to your wrist, another to your bag to leave with the Sole Motive team.

Water: Will be available after the sessions for participants.

Neon arm-bands: Because we’re running at night, we suggest wearing a neon arm-band so we can see you better.

Waiver Form: ALL training run participants need to fill in a Health Check Waiver Form for their FIRST training run only. After completing your first session/filling in the waiver form, you will receive a Training Club Unique ID Card. This can be presented to the Training Session staff in the following weeks to let us know you’ve already completed a waiver form. Download yours now, or complete the form at a training session.

Wednesday sessions - presented by lululemon
Bag drop: We suggest you carry light! However, there will be a team car to assist with storing bags and belongings.


Water: drink taps available around The Tan.

Neon arm band: Because we are running in the morning, we suggest wearing a neon arm band or reflective clothing.

Waiver Form: ALL training run participants need to fill in a Health Check Waiver Form for their FIRST training run only. After completing your first session/filling in the waiver form, you will receive a Training Club Unique ID Card. This can be presented to the Training Session staff in the following weeks to let us know you’ve already completed a waiver form. Download yours now, or complete the form at a training session.


Madison Taylor

Madison Taylor

Sole Motive Training Run Mentor

My name is Madi Taylor, I’m 27 and a physiotherapist. Growing up I tried almost every sport under the sun, but I have always had a passion for running and more recently triathlon. I have completed numerous running events on and off road and many triathlons from sprint to Ironman distance (3.8km swim, 180km, 42km run). I can never pass up a challenge! My proudest achievements have been finishing the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii twice and a PB at Run Melbourne half marathon last year.

This will be my third year involved with the Run Melbourne training club. I love the opportunity to meet new people, help others achieve their goals and run through our beautiful city. I’m pumped for Run Melbourne 2017!

Follow Madi’s training on Instagram: @madisonltaylor

Phoebe Sansom

Phoebe Sansom

Sole Motive Training Run Mentor

My name is Phoebe Sansom and I am a physiotherapist based in Melbourne.

I fell in love with sport and fitness from an early age and dedicated much of the last 20 years to gymnastics as both a gymnast and a coach. Although I have always enjoyed running, it was my first 100km endurance event that got me hooked. Now, the longer the race the better! Some of my highlights from the last few years include completing my 4th 100km trail event, the Great Ocean Road 44km Marathon and a number of half marathon events including the Run Melbourne.

I find nothing more enjoyable than sharing my passion for running and inspiring others to achieve their goals, so I am really excited to be part of the Run Melbourne Training Club in 2017!

Follow Phoebe’s training on Instagram: @phoebethefang

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Training Programs

Our Run Melbourne training plans have been designed to help you train for the 5K, 10K or Half Marathon events. Choose the training program that best suits you, your current abilities and what you hope to achieve at Run Melbourne on Sunday 30 May! Each program has been written by Julie Tedde, TRG Triathlon & Mutlisport Head Coach. Julie is a qualified running & triathlon coach with 20 years experience and has prepared each training program to suit runners with varying experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner aiming to step up to the 10K event, or an intermediate running looking to chase a new personal best – there’s a Run Melbourne training program available to help you run to be your best on race day.

Each 10 week training program contains:

• Hill sessions (builds strength and stamina, reduces the risk of injury and improves form)

• Speed sessions (allowing you to become a faster runner)

• Race simulation (giving you the opportunity to simulate your race day conditions).

If you’re new to running or unsure which program best suits you, be sure to take our ‘Are you Race Ready Quiz’.


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Get ready to hit the streets in 6 weeks with our Run Melbourne 6 week training programs.

We’ve specially tailored each plan to help you dominate the 5K or 10K event in a short amount of time. Remember, it’s not about your time; it’s about crossing the finish line on race day. All you’ve got to do it pick your distance and commit to your K’s.


Are you race ready? (QUIZ)

Are you new to running and unsure of what training program is best for you, or simply looking for a challenge and wanting to increase your distance, find the best Run Melbourne Training Program for you by completing our “Are you Race Ready Quiz”.

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Download the Official RM Training Guide

Get access to exclusive training tips, advice from leading experts from Sole Motive, Runner’s World and lululemon, as well as beginner programs for the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon distances in one handy document.  Click the button to download yours below.

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Health, well-being & fitness tips

They say “running is a gift”. But don’t take your mind and body for granted during your training and give it to love and care it deserves. Be sure to follow our tips below to keep your mind & body in tip-top shape so you’re race ready on Sunday 30th July.

Start small and build up – don’t go out guns blazing. One step at a time, it’s the journey, not the destination.
Don’t just “run”. Checkout our training programs-  they include cross training, rest (a light yoga/pilates session compliments running beautifully) or why not try a hiit workout to strengthen your muscles (checkout the workout in the official Run Melbourne Training Guide).
• Be sure to warm up and cool down before every run. The aim of a warm up is to slowly increase your heart rate and prepare your muscles to work. Checkout our training plans for warm up ideas.
• Don’t forget to trial your race day diet (dinner the night before, breakfast and nutrition during the run) especially if you’re tackling the Half Marathon.
• Support a cause you love – why not run for your favourite charity? It’ll give you an extra incentive to get your feet out the door each morning, and make you feel good too!

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