We Support the Yes Vote - Sole Motive Events

Company Statement
Lisa Holmes, CEO

Here at Sole Motive, we are often asked what makes our team behind the running scenes so awesome. The answer is simple – diversity and inclusiveness. From the volunteer race marshals who cheer you on when you need a push for your last kilometre to the office superstars who pack your race kits and deliver you inspiring editorials in Runner’s World magazine, Sole Motive’s secret is in its people.


We are fortunate to have on board a team of individuals of different genders, races, religions and sexualities. We recognise that what makes us great as a company is a combination of the varying ideas and experiences of our team, and the support we offer to our employees to bring their unique selves to work each day.


On the running track we see the importance in living up to the Aussie value of a ‘fair go.’ Our events thrive on the diversity of the crowd who come out to run – a crowd who aren’t concerned with sexual orientation but rather are all connected simply by a love for running. When we embrace inclusion and equality in running, we all benefit.


Which is why at Sole Motive we are proud to be included in a long list of business leaders who support Marriage Equality. As a business, and as a team of diverse people, we are committed to lending our voice in support of equal rights for all. We believe all couples should be treated equally and therefore we are a big supporter of a Yes vote.


Running gives us the gift of always moving forward. And it’s time to run forward with Marriage Equality.