Eat, Sleep, Trail & Repeat


Eat, Sleep, Trail & Repeat

1 October 2019

There’s something about running off the beaten track – running past the trees, the breath of fresh air and the crunch of twigs under your feet that causes that feel-good rush through your veins.

Beginner or trail run extraordinaire, we’ve got something for you to help take your next run off-road.



Although fibre is incredibly important to the everyday diet – it’s time to say bye bye in the 12 hours leading up to a long run. Fibre takes a lot longer to digest which makes it much more likely to cause stomach dramas along the way. Avoid dark leafy greens, broccoli, cabbage, beans, and fibrous grains and cereals.

top tips to train for the trails

1. Include diversity in your training: on-road running, running uses more repetitive muscle activity – make sure to use more postural and stability muscles on ranging terrains.

2. Practice the technical side of running: It’ll help your skill and pace when you take on the trails.

3. Don’t ignore the hills: Include hill training (up and down!) in your running preparation – this will help condition your muscles so they don’t pull up sore in and after races.

4. Strength training is your friend: this helps prevent or manage any injuries.

your guide to the perfect trail shoe

trail shoe

Trail shoes are designed to benefit you by giving you more control and stabilization on the ranging terrain.

They’ll take the impact off your quads when running downhill. Plus, they’re designed for tough conditions – saving your road shoes!

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