Run Melbourne Training Guides

Run melbourne training guides

21 June 2019

This year our mission is to continue to inspire you to run, take on new challenges and most of all – have fun! Now, it’s time to get race ready, which is something we know a lot about and we’re here to help you.

Get ready to train hard, sweat like never before and let’s show the rest of Australia exactly what hard work really looks like on Sunday, 28 July.

6 week training guide – 5K

This 5K 6-week guide is for you if you already enjoy keeping fit and occasionally hit the gym.

12 week training guides – 5K

If you’re someone who can run 20-minutes without needing to stopping, find it hard to increase your pace or have never done speed work before the 5K beginner guide is perfect for you. 

If you can run 20 minutes but want to run even faster to help you get that PB – the 5K intermediate guide is perfect for you. It will help you build up speed within a 12 week period.

6 week training guide – 10K

So you’re planning to run 10K in 6 weeks? Well, we think that’s pretty awesome. For the 10K 6-week guide to be effective you already enjoy keeping fit and going to the gym.

12 week training guides – 10K

If you have run on and off for six months, the 10K beginner guide will help take you from running/walking to tackling a 10K run in 12 weeks.

If you’ve run 10K fun runs before but want to improve your time, the 10K intermediate guide guide is perfect for you. Use this guide to build up your speed and smash your target on race day.

12 week training guides – 21.1K

You might be an experienced 10K or 5K runner, but now you want to step it up. The 21.1K beginner guide is the perfect guide to take you from running/walking a 21.1K to running to the finish line in 12 weeks.

Take on the 21.1K intermediate guide if you’ve run a few Half Marathons before and are ready to chase the time you’ve always wanted. 

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