Are you part of a fitness group, sporting club, community group or a charity and want to Run Melbourne together? One of our Run Melbourne Packages

could be perfect for you!

Team spirit is a driving force for race day – give your team a central meeting point in the Event Village and the opportunity to

provide your team members with the support they need for a fun event.



If you’re a fitness group, school or university, be part of the Community Hub and cheer on your team as they cross the finish line. It’s the perfect meeting place for your runners to gather and celebrate.



Having a marquee in the Charity Hub along River Terrace, Federation Square is a great way to raise awareness for your cause and attract participants on race day to raise extra funds for the cause you love.



Create a space for your colleagues to meet before their race and to celebrate afterwards. You can even order catering to your marquee to make your members feel extra special.

Want to promote Run Melbourne at your school, workplace or gym? Download our virtual poster to send via email or print it out and stick it up on your walls.



How to create a team & pay later in bulk

STEP 1:  You need to fill out an entry, choosing the option to enter as part of a team during the entry process. You can start the entry process here.

STEP 2: Choose YES to ‘Are you creating a team?’. (This will give you access to the details required to set up a new team making you the team manager.  You will also have to option to participate in the event or not.)

As well as these options it will offer you the chance to Pay in bulk at a later stage. Please tick box in the entry process which states ‘Tick here if you would like the pay later function’

This will tell the system not to charge your team entrants at the point of entry. Instead, it will queue them for later payment. Note that team passwords are not required but are strongly recommended for pay later teams and are case sensitive.

Once done with the team options, go ahead and complete entry.

You will be emailed a link which you can send to your team members so that they can enter the event.

*Bulk pay later teams close on July 15th*

Please note: the system has been set up so that the payment in bulk covers the entry fee and postage fee (if selected) only. If you would like race packs mailed out the charge is $8.95 per pack. Race packs are mailed out individually to the address provided by the entrant.  Otherwise, race packs can be collected from our Sole Motive Store 170 Queen St Melbourne closer to the event date.  Your team entries must be finalised and paid for before race packs can be collected or mailed out.  There is no race pack collection on race day.

Enter your Members Hub here.

Managing and paying for your team

If you are the participating team manager or not, you are able to login to manage queued entries into your team at any point.

Follow these steps:

STEP 1: Managing your team

Login to your Members Hub here. (using your personal email and password; not your team password).

You are in the Events Hub, to the left you will see an area devoted to your Run Melbourne entry. Clicking this will take you to your Run Melbourne event details area.

Select Team Management.

Here you will be able to see your team members who have entered.

STEP 2: Paying for your bulk pay later team

Select to pay for

Then tick the checkbox next to each name you are making payment for and scroll down to the bottom right-hand corner and follow the prompts to make payment.

If you are a pay-later team, you can view the people who are currently queued, waiting to be paid for in your team.

You will be able to pay for members in bulk or one by one.

Please note: Until these entries are paid for, the runners will not be added to the race field and will not have a place in the event.


From the team management page you are also able to:

  1. Delete team members that you no longer wish to enter

2. Change your team name and password

3. Invite new people to the team.

I’ve already entered as an individual - how do I join a team?

Email with your request and we can manually add you to the team.

Please note: *Bulk pay later teams close on July 15th*

I accidentally entered a pay later team - what are my options?
If you have entered a Bulk Pay Later Team by mistake you can choose from the following options:

  1. Pay for your registration through the Bulk Pay Later system. Click here to pay.
  2. If your entry is still queued, the team leader will need to pay for all entries before 11:59pm Sunday, 15 July and follow up team members to settle their entry fee.
  3. If you have already registered for Run Melbourne, please email us at and we will remove you from the Bulk Pay Later registry.
  4.  If you haven’t paid for your Bulk Pay Later Team and have decided you would no longer like to enter the event, please email us at and we will remove you from the Bulk Pay Later registry.


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